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Now Page

Everyone should have a now page to tell about
"what I'm doing now".

Inspired by Derek Sivers


Maker's Notes

Keep a public log of Work In Progress to get feedback and support.

Share about the things you have done, your plans and your thoughts.


Magic of Commitment

Once you commit to post consistent updates, it builds the momentum to things done.

You get into the habit of making progress.

Challanges 😎


Do 3 things in 2 Months

Shawn Reimerdes updated 2018-11-09T09:25:29.639781
  • ETA: 1 month ago
  • Progress: 0 / 3
Park domains


Product404: Archive dead products

Desmond Lua updated 2019-02-03T07:09:43.636810
I build quite a few products over the years, which many of them failed and fall into oblivians. I wanted to create a page to archive these projects:

- to remember/show what I build in the past
- to share a postmoterm of why it fail

I go this idea when I was refreshing my CV and building a personal profile/portfolio page, which I realized I have forgotten about some projects or I no longer have any material to prove their existence (web page no longer online, no screen capture).

Lua Software Code: A HOWTO blog for programmer

Desmond Lua updated 2019-02-03T05:46:02.668582
I have multiple text files with short technical notes on how to do various things (things I might easily forget). Perhaps creating a blog to keep those note shall be more organized with better documentation; an online repository also means less likely to loose those notes again.

I might be too busy or lazy to create a blog of technical tutorials (it does slow down my programming), but those notes are meant for myself (I treat them as documentation), then I am slightly more motivated to do it.

One of the reason many online tutorial sucks is because the author didn't really use the tech in production, thus I shall only document about tech I used and the problems I faced.

Besides, since I did google for a lot of answer online on a daily basis, perhaps it's time to contribute back into the information pool.

Lua Software Code:

PS: Thanks Boo for giving me the idea, else I will probably would not do this.

  • Desmond Lua posted 2019-02-03T05:46:02.205263
    Lua Software Code Update - Jan 2019:

    🔥 5 new tutorials
    📝 23 new howtos and code snippets
    🎯 664 total posts
    💡 2 articles on product development
    👧 40,958 visitors per month (Up 28% from last month)

    PS: created a new section on product ideas and development to share my experience/perspective as solo dev

LuaPass: Secure Password Manager (Offline)

Desmond Lua updated 2019-02-03T04:39:32.898276
Have been storing my password in an "encrypted form" using online storage app, probably not the best long-term practice.

I am learning Kotlin and Android's latest Architecture Components, so I build this app to put my learning into actual practice.

Try LuaPass:
  • Desmond Lua posted 2019-02-03T04:39:32.511121
    Prompt user to rate app (at the right moment)
    Use WorkManager for background Google Drive sync
    Fix settings page UI issues due to support library update

Plant app

Afzal updated 2019-01-23T19:55:49.418842
An app that helps you manage your plants. Get reminders for watering and changing the soil, etc
  • Afzal posted 2019-01-23T19:55:49.065032
    Separated debug and release APKs so that I can use both side-by-side.
    Added some checks for reminder notifications.

PixPin: Photo at places

Desmond Lua updated 2019-01-10T08:20:45.142750
A very simple app to share photos on location, and discover interesting places and things near you (or far away).


Bob updated 2019-01-05T19:16:24.427626
- Setup xrdp
- Test quality/smoothness/readability through VPN (vscode/Python/lots of code or logs)
It's my first professional project, I'm working alone in this and although I have a lot implemented, there's a long roadmap ahead.

The stack so far is kinda like this
docker on Azure

I have a bunch of issues regarding efficiency, the app displays heavy renders of maps and visualizations
- I need help setting up CI/CD
- I need to update a lot of tests (I'm using pytest)

studying for A+

Marta updated 2018-10-30T16:20:22.963988
to then study for Network+ or CCNA or pass this exam
OR some coding maybe?

developing a new web application

ryan kamal updated 2018-10-17T10:03:19.839856
all I could say it will be one of the most powerful systems in the world

Building SensQ to MRR $20k monthly

SensQ updated 2018-09-20T04:50:24.368431
Our Mission
Actionable Social Media Insights
We strike to provide social media measurement, analysis and reporting that will drive ROI and leaving a lasting WOW to your boss or client.

Our Values
We work hard to be as much valuable as possible to our customers. Whether we’re empowering them with software or educating them with content, we always strive to be useful.

In a world full of software that overcomplicates things, we aim to stand out as a breath of fresh air for businesses, small or big, looking to keep things simple. Automated & low-touch.

Liberation. We believe that amazing work doesn’t require a 9-5 office hours and an office. We can build a great company with everyone on our team living on their own terms.

We enjoy the work that we’re fortunate to do, and the people that we’re fortunate to do it with. As crazy as it sounds, we look forward to Mondays.

We optimise our financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. We stirke to build a profitable 100-year-old company.

Be Top One Google Search result for the keyword "CPLEX" and related updated 2018-09-09T20:28:00.815490
Be Top One Google Search result for the keyword "CPLEX" and related. The strategic is creating best contents and sales pages around the topic.

Update main website

Jack Bannister updated 2018-09-08T23:04:59.760250
Need to update main website asap for reponsiveness and new features

Tech Job Finder

Desmond Lua updated 2018-09-03T04:49:48.194350
- Find jobs near you
- Browse job by tech stack
- Statistics
  • Desmond Lua posted 2018-09-03T04:49:37.865520
    After going through tech job posting for last 30 days, the task to process/clean/tag the postings seems to out weight the benefits gained.

    As a job finder, the important thing I look for are
    - Culture/Product of the company
    - Salary and Tech Stack of the job post

    The current job boards are not perfect, but the search feature is adequate enough to filter keywords I am looking for. As for quality of company and job, this is not something a job board could solve. As for processing each posting to offer a more structured data, it is nice but would not be very helpful.

    I would stop this project as for now.

Travel Blog Reader

Desmond Lua updated 2018-10-04T05:02:27.283493
Discover travel blog articles by locations ;)
all services.
A new web application that will eventually become a SaaS 🙃

Running a free design tool for designer

Serhad iletir updated 2018-03-26T20:03:06.927300

FlowRabbit: Task management with time tracking for solo makers

Desmond Lua updated 2018-10-04T05:03:20.652516
Main features
- Designed for solo makers
- Productivity Tracking: Integrated Pomodoro timer and productivity reporting to measure your time spent projects and type of work; also highlight your productive days/hours.
- Enhanced Kanban Board: a more flexible kanban board which support task grouping and expandable checklist. Includes widgets to show quick project status and Pomodoro reporting.

I have been using KanbanFlow (not the best UI, but it works) for a few years and notice it lacks some features I would love to have. Trello, Asana, Ora, ZenKit and Airtable are good products in their own ways, just not suited for what I have in mind. I run the risk of developing a product for myself only, so I should explore if others find this product useful for them.


WhatIDoNow: Making a website to update what I am doing now

Desmond Lua updated 2018-10-04T05:03:30.490625
Originally I wanted to build an app to showcase "things I am working on now", inspired by Derek Sivers' now page ( I am also curious about what other people are working on, thinking it would be cool to have a website where people share the things they are making and inspire each other to keep making.

As I develop the app further, I realize the app is quite useful to help me keep track of progress. I can now backtrack the updates and thought process from inception until now, and time spent on each updates. Starting is the easy part, being motivated to work on it consistently is the hard part. I am planning to build in reminders and gamification to motivate me to keep shipping.

Let me know what do you think 🤔. Drop me an email at or ping me at
  • Desmond Lua posted 2018-03-10T16:47:45.866740
    Experiment with marketing WhatIDoNow through sharing on IndieHackers and Reddit with about 10+ signups and 4 active users so far. Created @LoveWhatIDoNow twitter account to share products, arts, and DIY things build by others. Have a long way to learn about marketing.

Design and Build anything from lamp shades to complete structure

Sonam wangchuk updated 2018-03-02T12:24:40.455500
I want to build/construct what I design. I am already a designer but haven’t ventured into construction yet.
It’s hard to venture into construction as I already have a 9-5 job.