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Now Page

Everyone should have a now page to tell about
"what I'm doing now".

Inspired by Derek Sivers


Maker's Notes

Keep a public log of Work In Progress to get feedback and support.

Share about the things you have done, your plans and your thoughts.


Magic of Commitment

Once you commit to post consistent updates, it builds the momentum to things done.

You get into the habit of making progress.

Challanges 😎


Do 12 things in 12 Days

Dalmir bortoli updated 2019-10-18T07:21:44.029824
  • ETA: 5 months ago
  • Progress: 0 / 12


Easily organize your travel photos into a journal
  • Desmond Lua posted 2020-04-03T05:34:48.434261
    - Upload photo via WorkManager with status/progress update.
    - Add timezone info to photo
    - Allow user change timezone
    - Redo import photos algorithm to capture accurate date and avoid duplicates

    - Update Place, Card and Album Cover
    - Fix bug of Firestore batch limit
    - Generate Album, Place and Day description
    - Implement get_timezone by location function

    - Implement opengraph and twitter card
    - Add page meta and cover
    - Optimize bootstrap size

Daily positivity App

Desmond Lua updated 2020-04-03T05:26:47.051000
We tends to focus or remembered negativity/failure/self-doubt in life. This app helps you focus on positivity, gratitude and life tips on a daily basis.

PS: This is the first project I have an official co-conspirator - my wife.

COVID-19: Data, Trend & Information

Desmond Lua updated 2020-04-03T05:26:01.528127
To keep track of status and progress of Coronavirus Pandemic

Lua Software Code: A HOWTO blog for programmer

Desmond Lua updated 2020-04-03T04:57:49.848671
I have multiple text files with short technical notes on how to do various things (things I might easily forget). Perhaps creating a blog to keep those note shall be more organized with better documentation; an online repository also means less likely to loose those notes again.

I might be too busy or lazy to create a blog of technical tutorials (it does slow down my programming), but those notes are meant for myself (I treat them as documentation), then I am slightly more motivated to do it.

One of the reason many online tutorial sucks is because the author didn't really use the tech in production, thus I shall only document about tech I used and the problems I faced.

Besides, since I did google for a lot of answer online on a daily basis, perhaps it's time to contribute back into the information pool.

Lua Software Code:

PS: Thanks Boo for giving me the idea, else I will probably would not do this.


I'm building a deep gratefulness journal Android app

Vlad updated 2020-04-01T17:11:19.676582
This app will allow people to select causes and effects for the events in their life that they are grateful for

Product404: Archive dead products

Desmond Lua updated 2019-12-03T16:01:48.547687
I build quite a few products over the years, which many of them failed and fall into oblivians. I wanted to create a page to archive these projects:

- to remember/show what I build in the past
- to share a postmoterm of why it fail

I go this idea when I was refreshing my CV and building a personal profile/portfolio page, which I realized I have forgotten about some projects or I no longer have any material to prove their existence (web page no longer online, no screen capture).

Volcanic Coffee

Onie Maniego updated 2019-11-24T02:35:20.270325
A testing ground for Android (Kotlin) as a lightweight merchant system:
1. Inventory Management
2. POS features
3. Staff Management
4. Reporting
5. Customer Loyalty
6. Social Media integration

Learning something; how to use whatidonow

iamos updated 2019-10-31T15:41:01.273991
Just discovered #whatidonow, intrigued by what/how etc
Novo estilo de vida

Developing a Storefront App

bbqd updated 2019-09-13T10:23:14.293512
A small scale organic farm is going to go public soon. They want an app to sell their produce.

I've been making sluggish progress, but It Ends Tonight. Its a weekend, and the app finishes itself today

PixPin: Photo at places

Desmond Lua updated 2019-05-14T14:42:00.871184
A very simple app to share photos on location, and discover interesting places and things near you (or far away).
  • Desmond Lua posted 2019-05-14T14:41:40.779604
    Sadly, going to abandoned this project.
    No as simple as I thought it would be, and not as fun to use.
    Unless I focus on a specific niche, the app basically compete with Google Photos (photos around places) or Instagram.

Android app

Maxim updated 2019-05-02T17:04:38.996769
App for my Eagle Scout project designed to optimize the process required to get a Gunn High School student with the appropriate tutor.
Test this site

Learning to deploy python in a production environment

Mr Alexander Dowsett updated 2019-04-11T09:46:56.649514
This is a bit of a baptism by fire for me. I am doing a devops role for the first time and learning python whilst trying to get things set up to work in production.
I would love some hints and tips around this sort of thing. Any caveats I should know about? Rookie moves to avoid?
  • Mr Alexander Dowsett posted 2019-04-11T09:46:56.190858
    Wow a bit of a late update here.
    Turns out that python is really good fun to use. I have been playing with boto and python to manipulate s3 buckets. I have managed to get a lot of logging introduced to the scripts that need to be run.
    A long way to go, but getting there!

LuaPass: Secure Password Manager (Offline)

Desmond Lua updated 2020-02-04T02:47:07.821170
Have been storing my password in an "encrypted form" using online storage app, probably not the best long-term practice.

I am learning Kotlin and Android's latest Architecture Components, so I build this app to put my learning into actual practice.

Try LuaPass:
  • Desmond Lua posted 2019-02-03T04:39:32.511121
    Prompt user to rate app (at the right moment)
    Use WorkManager for background Google Drive sync
    Fix settings page UI issues due to support library update

Plant app

Afzal updated 2019-01-23T19:55:49.418842
An app that helps you manage your plants. Get reminders for watering and changing the soil, etc
  • Afzal posted 2019-01-23T19:55:49.065032
    Separated debug and release APKs so that I can use both side-by-side.
    Added some checks for reminder notifications.


Bob updated 2019-01-05T19:16:24.427626
- Setup xrdp
- Test quality/smoothness/readability through VPN (vscode/Python/lots of code or logs)
It's my first professional project, I'm working alone in this and although I have a lot implemented, there's a long roadmap ahead.

The stack so far is kinda like this
docker on Azure

I have a bunch of issues regarding efficiency, the app displays heavy renders of maps and visualizations
- I need help setting up CI/CD
- I need to update a lot of tests (I'm using pytest)