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Learning to deploy python in a production environment

Mr Alexander Dowsett updated 2019-04-11T09:46:56.649514
This is a bit of a baptism by fire for me. I am doing a devops role for the first time and learning python whilst trying to get things set up to work in production.
I would love some hints and tips around this sort of thing. Any caveats I should know about? Rookie moves to avoid?
  • Mr Alexander Dowsett posted 2019-04-11T09:46:56.190858
    Wow a bit of a late update here.
    Turns out that python is really good fun to use. I have been playing with boto and python to manipulate s3 buckets. I have managed to get a lot of logging introduced to the scripts that need to be run.
    A long way to go, but getting there!