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What I'm doing now

Building SensQ to MRR $20k monthly

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Our Mission
Actionable Social Media Insights
We strike to provide social media measurement, analysis and reporting that will drive ROI and leaving a lasting WOW to your boss or client.

Our Values
We work hard to be as much valuable as possible to our customers. Whether we’re empowering them with software or educating them with content, we always strive to be useful.

In a world full of software that overcomplicates things, we aim to stand out as a breath of fresh air for businesses, small or big, looking to keep things simple. Automated & low-touch.

Liberation. We believe that amazing work doesn’t require a 9-5 office hours and an office. We can build a great company with everyone on our team living on their own terms.

We enjoy the work that we’re fortunate to do, and the people that we’re fortunate to do it with. As crazy as it sounds, we look forward to Mondays.

We optimise our financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. We stirke to build a profitable 100-year-old company.