Challenges 😎


Do 1 things in 7 Days

Risal Hidayat updated 2018-10-19T02:58:37.862642
  • ETA: 9 months ago
  • Progress: 0 / 1
Finish 1 Book

Do 1 things in 3 Months updated 2018-09-03T05:56:36.367170
  • ETA: 8 months ago
  • Progress: 1 / 1
Be Top One Google Search result for the keyword "CPLEX" and related. The strategic is creating best contents and sales pages around the topic.

Do 6 things in 12 Months

Desmond Lua updated 2018-01-09T02:39:05.026890
  • ETA: 7 months ago
  • Progress: 6 / 6
After working a few years on the same project without meaningful adoption, perhaps it's time to explore various ideas to give new perspective to me and my projects. Besides, a new year is a perfect time for a crazy new start.

I was tempted to try 12 apps in 12 months, but that would leave no time for development and maintenance of ongoing projects. I anticipated I would get to actually spend one month per project (if lucky).

There is no such thing as good idea, safe idea or stupid idea, just ideas we are interested and willing to try. The real outcome may only be revealed once we implement the idea, and failures by others doesn't mean the idea will not work this time. That's the mystery and charm of an unknown idea.

Let 2018 be a crazy year of app making.

Do 3 things in 3 Months

Luca Cras updated 2018-01-28T20:40:06.797600
  • ETA: 1 year ago
  • Progress: 0 / 3
At least one of the (web)apps has to get 100+ users. And at least one of the apps has to bring in $1+

Do 12 things in 12 Months

Joseph Reeve updated 2018-01-10T08:16:16.667670
  • ETA: 7 months ago
  • Progress: 0 / 12
I'm launching at-least 12 projects this year.
That's at-least one a month.

The aim is to learn and potentially make some money from these projects going forwards.