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Vlad updated 2021-01-10T06:42:08.758369
I'd like to be a productive member of Humans and to provide the firm with a lot of value
  • Vlad posted 2020-12-29T15:19:22.481750
    focused on bilayer the last week, delivered a proof-of-concept which is fast ( 0.06 on 64 imgs on v100 after the first batch which is a 1.8 sec long run) and also no longer stutters

    applied two stabilization techniques, one fast and dirty, one taken from corinthean github

    converted between different formats of keypoints and found a way to plug them in, avoiding the running of the identity embedding and the high rezolution part
  • Vlad posted 2021-01-07T10:13:19.665027
    Yesterday had the keypoints mixed. After that I went for stabilization, I'm still in that hole. After I pick myself up I'll go for MLFlow.
  • Vlad posted 2021-01-10T06:42:08.449263
    Fixed BgMatV2, sent over to the boys