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WhatIDoNow: Making a website to update what I am doing now

Desmond Lua updated 2018-10-04T05:03:30.490625
Originally I wanted to build an app to showcase "things I am working on now", inspired by Derek Sivers' now page (https://sivers.org/nowff). I am also curious about what other people are working on, thinking it would be cool to have a website where people share the things they are making and inspire each other to keep making.

As I develop the app further, I realize the app is quite useful to help me keep track of progress. I can now backtrack the updates and thought process from inception until now, and time spent on each updates. Starting is the easy part, being motivated to work on it consistently is the hard part. I am planning to build in reminders and gamification to motivate me to keep shipping.

Let me know what do you think 🤔. Drop me an email at whatidonow@luasoftware.com or ping me at https://twitter.com/d_luaz
  • Desmond Lua posted 2018-02-01T14:09:41.933390
    Created pricing plan for WhatIDoNow: Free, Pro($2/month) and Patron (Pay anything). Doing pricing is pretty challenging 😓

    PS: the first rule of a profitable product to have pricing and ability to accept payment.
  • Desmond Lua posted 2018-02-06T10:18:46.379610
    Switch the tagline from "Track your progress openly" to "Start your project, track the progress, get it done 🔥" to better reflect the purpose and flow of WhatIDoNow.

    Added copywriting to explain some main product features and benefits
    - Now Page: tell about "what I'm doing now".
    - Maker's Notes: keep a log of Work In Progress.
    - Magic of Commitment: once you commit to post consistent updates, it builds the momentum to things done
  • Desmond Lua posted 2018-03-10T16:47:45.866740
    Experiment with marketing WhatIDoNow through sharing on IndieHackers and Reddit with about 10+ signups and 4 active users so far. Created @LoveWhatIDoNow twitter account to share products, arts, and DIY things build by others. Have a long way to learn about marketing.