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Purchase a Boss RC-505 Loop Station

Manyong'oments updated 2021-11-07T06:40:34.123760
If only this __ then i'll be __ , sounds like the typical equation/formula of the cognitive distortion of magical thinking, which it is, but... I have explored my options, as someone who loves humming melodies and writing random profound poems - i need a way to capture my ideas and express them in real time. Music theory is one of those things you learn as you go, my workflow doesnt require a physical midi keyboard, the idea of creating music using a mouse isnt ideal either. In the world of music only 12 notes exist and possibilities are endless. Procedural generation and a table top loop stable sounds like cool combo for music. One could almost say its cheating. While i lay the ground work, a bridge exists to connect two sides of attracting desires. I want to create captivating spoken word poetry, compose music to empty the tunes stuck inside, partly show off and have professional hobby, the Boss RC-505 seems like the device to let me do that.