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Desmond Lua updated 2019-08-04T11:08:25.654881
I have multiple text files with short technical notes on how to do various things (things I might easily forget). Perhaps creating a blog to keep those note shall be more organized with better documentation; an online repository also means less likely to loose those notes again.

I might be too busy or lazy to create a blog of technical tutorials (it does slow down my programming), but those notes are meant for myself (I treat them as documentation), then I am slightly more motivated to do it.

One of the reason many online tutorial sucks is because the author didn't really use the tech in production, thus I shall only document about tech I used and the problems I faced.

Besides, since I did google for a lot of answer online on a daily basis, perhaps it's time to contribute back into the information pool.

Lua Software Code: https://code.luasoftware.com/

PS: Thanks Boo for giving me the idea, else I will probably would not do this.

  • Desmond Lua posted 2019-08-04T11:08:25.244629
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